Flavor Route

Tekirdag Meatballs

It is the most famous meatball of the Thrace Region. The reputation of Tekirdağ Meatballs, which has become a brand, has spread all over Turkey. Meatballs owes its flavor to the quality meat used in its production. Meticulously selected meat is first made ready for use by turning it into pieces of meat without leaving any nerves. Then the bread, onion, garlic and piece of meat are passed through the meat grinder together. After the process of passing through the machine is repeated several times, only cumin, salt and pepper are added to the resulting mixture and the minced meat is left to rest. After the resting period is completed, the minced meat is shaped into a thin short finger, which is unique to Tekirdağ Meatballs, and cooked in a wood fire. Served with piyaz, hot sauce and grilled green pepper.

Cheese halva

Cheese Halva is a dessert unique to Tekirdağ. Although it is known as Gallipoli dessert by some, it has become a brand as Tekirdağ dessert. In Tekirdağ, the people who make their living from animal husbandry; Since they produce their own cheese, they are very adept at making Cheese Halva. In the production of Cheese Halva; unsalted fresh cheese, wheat flour (corn flour or semolina can also be used as an alternative to wheat flour), granulated sugar and egg yolk are used. Cheese made with milk obtained from animals raised here is the most important ingredient of cheese halva. The trick is not to purify the milk from which cheese will be made, thus ensuring that halvah is made with natural oil.


Boza is a winter drink that is produced and consumed widely in the Thrace Region, especially in the province of Kırklareli. It is consumed as an effective preservative and energizer on cold winter days. In the production of boza; millet semolina, sugar and water are used. It contains a high amount of minerals and vitamins. Boza, which is in the category of high nutritional and healthy drinks; It contains nutrients needed by the body such as iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and vitamin A. While serving, depending on preference, roasted chickpeas, cinnamon or hazelnuts can be used. It has become a brand with Kırklareli. In addition, the “Traditional Boza Festival” is held every year in the Velimeşe town of Çorlu, a district of Tekirdağ.

Hayrabolu Dessert

Hayrabolu Dessert is a type of dessert unique to the Hayrabolu district of Tekirdağ. It is also known as Hayrabol Dessert by the local people. A lot of cheese, eggs and flour (semolina according to preference) are used in its production. Due to its high calorie and abundant sugar, it is not preferred by patients and the elderly. It is also likened to Kemalpaşa dessert in terms of shape. But its size and taste are not the same as Kemalpaşa dessert. It is optionally served with tahini, cream or hazelnuts.


Bulama is a very preferred breakfast product in the Thrace Region. Its color varies from light yellow to brown and it is a solid type of molasses. As in the production of liquid molasses, grapes are used as the main material in the production of slurry. In Tekirdag, where gruel is consumed a lot; While slurping, first the grape must is extracted. Later, sweet must is obtained from this must and water obtained by boiling the root of the gentian root is added to it. This mixture is stirred on the stove until it solidifies. When it reaches the desired consistency, it is ready to be served.

Tekirdag Cheese

It is produced using the milk of lactating animals that are unique to Tekirdağ and raised here. Like the other provinces of Thrace, Edirne and Kırklareli, Tekirdağ is also famous for its cheese. Many types of cheese can be produced in the region, as both sheep and goats are raised. Tekirdağ Cheese has become a brand throughout the country.

Tekirdag Cherry

Tekirdağ Cherry has become the symbol of Tekirdağ over time. Festivals have been organized in its name for about 50 years, and the most beautiful cherries are exhibited and various competitions are held in the “Traditional Tekirdağ Cherry Festival” held every year.

Tekirdag Watermelon

Watermelon is an economically very important agricultural product in the world and Turkey agriculture. In Turkey, watermelon is mostly grown in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Southeastern Anatolia regions. While most watermelons are produced in Adana, Tekirdağ stands out in temporary watermelon production. The biggest share in this production belongs to Seymen Village of Tekirdağ. The watermelon, known as Ferhadanlı Watermelon, grown in the Ferhadanlı District of this village in the Süleymanpaşa district, has become a brand.

Olives and Olive Oil

The Sarkoy district of Tekirdag has a very important potential in terms of olive production. Sarkoy; Since it has a transitional climate between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, olive cultivation in the coastal areas is highly productive. In addition, Şarköy is the only place where olives can be grown in the Thrace Region due to its climate. Olives grown in the region, which have their own unique aroma and taste, are collected one by one with great care, then processed with natural methods and sent to many points of Turkey as table olives and olive oil.

Vineyard Products

In Tekirdağ, various beverages are produced by fermenting or fermenting vineyard products. These drinks have a very important place for the Thrace Region. These drinks, which have become a culture of Thrace, are exported to many countries in the world. The best vineyard drinks in the Thrace Region are produced in Sarkoy, Tekirdag. Some of these vineyard drinks became synonymous with Tekirdağ and became a Tekirdağ brand.

Buffalo Yogurt

Buffalo Yoghurt is a type of yogurt produced with milk obtained from water buffalo. Water buffalo breeding, which was quite common in the past, has been carried out only in the northeastern part of the Thrace Region in recent years. Buffalo breeding is generally carried out in Saray district of Tekirdağ and Kırklareli in Thrace. Buffalo yoghurt and buffalo cream are produced by using the milk obtained from the buffaloes raised here. Firms producing buffalo yoghurt are generally located in Saray.
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