Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as WEBSITE) all rights and usage authority of ONIKI TURİZM OTELCİLİK TİC. VE SAN. LTD. STI. (hereinafter referred to as “12roomstr”). The scope of this Privacy Policy is owned by ONIKI TURİZM and managed by ONIKI and the website named ONIKI TOURISM in the future It includes the system in which the platforms are located. ONIKI TURİZM, with this Privacy Policy, to all its users informs about the use of personal information collected in the software.ONIKI TURİZM has the right to report the requested information of the user and other interested parties held by the user to the competent authorities in case it detects that the software is used by users/members in violation of the following privacy principles and/or legal legislation, or if a detection or investigation request is received by the competent authorities. However, the right of notification is limited to the period when ONIKI TURİZM is limited to keeping the aforementioned information in its system. In addition, in a similar situation, ONIKI TURIZM has the right to take some precautions from the confidentiality principles agreed or to be agreed between the parties.ONIKI TURİZM attaches importance to this issue by respectfully meeting the concerns of users or members regarding the confidentiality of shared personal information and the security of information. For this reason, the “Privacy Policy” has been designed to protect the privacy of users/members and to provide a secure experience in obtaining information. It will be supported by technical measures in accordance with the developing technology. However, since there is no absolute guarantee regarding the confidentiality of personal information transmitted over the internet, we recommend users to take the highest possible precautions when transmitting their personal information over the internet.The term “Personal Information” used in this Privacy Policy refers to information such as credit card information, identity information, including but not limited to name-surname, telephone, address, e-mail addresses, which can identify individual and corporate users. or the personal information transmitted electronically via other online platforms operated for the following purposes. ONIKI TURİZM will not use, disclose, share, sell or make use of personal information other than the intended purpose in any case.
  • Notifying by e-mail,
  • Answering your questions and providing effective customer service,
  • To inform about new services,
  • Direct marketing on the WEBSITE or by the people it cooperates with,
  • Contacting the user when necessary and providing online support services, making various statistical evaluations without disclosing the identity of the user.
In no case will the personal information shared by individual and corporate users be used for purposes and services other than those stipulated in this text or other agreement terms between the parties. If the user does not approve the electronic messages sent by ONIKI TURİZM, click on the “Unsubscribe” link or i required. ONIKI TURİZM will remove them from the sending list via the aforementioned link or e-mail. separately from this link
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